Humidity due to condensation

Problem and causes

What are the causes of humidity due to condensation?

They occur due to inadequate ventilation or lack of thermal insulation. As a result, mold and unhealthy air appear, and they can cause respiratory problems.

humidity due to condensation usually manifests itself with broken glass, unhealthy air and mould on walls and ceiling.

What are the causes of these dampness? Well, they are usually caused by a series of factors that are grouped into two areas: structural causes and housing use.

Steam pump: It is very common for all the steam we produce in the shower to spread throughout the house. This means that a moisture bomb comes out of the bathroom to explode in the walls of the house. The moisture from the shower must be evacuated immediately. I recommend that you install an extractor fan with hygrostat in the bathroom. This fan detects when the humidity is high and pulls the steam outside, and it doesn’t stop working until the humidity has dropped again.

A lot of steam is also produced in the kitchen, and you need to have an extractor hood and use it. And there is no need to mention the unwanted effects of spreading clothes around the house.

Bof: In the same way in the bedroom, simply by breathing, we produce a large amount of steam. This vapor condenses on the windows producing mist. If we sleep with the door open we will achieve a noticeable decrease in ambient humidity and most likely the windows will stop getting wet.

Heating: And this is where it is customary to answer that then one is cold. Every home must have an adequate heating system. If we don’t have it, then it happens that we adopt bad habits that lead to unwanted consequences.

Thermal insulation: In certain cases you can have good heating, but poor thermal insulation of the walls of the house. The house quickly loses temperature and financial expenditure becomes impossible.

Ventilation: At this point we tend to keep the house airtight, not to ventilate. Ventilation is absolutely fundamental if we want to have a healthy home.

The way the house is used, together with the structural elements, means that all the ambient humidity ends up condensing on the cold walls, and mold inevitably appears.

Mold: At this point, it is not enough to improve the way the home is used, but one will have to eliminate the mold. Mold needs high humidity conditions to develop, but then easily colonizes the walls.

It is very important to quickly and correctly cut the problem of the proliferation of fungi due to moisture. Poor cleaning technique leads to an even greater extent of the problem. For example, if we pass a damp cloth over the damp spots in the affected areas, the only thing we achieve is to further spread the fungal spores caused by the moisture by condensation.

I recommend that you watch the attached 7 Deadly Sins video and follow the tips so that you can solve the problem of condensation moisture yourself.

If, despite everything, you still do not solve the problem completely, know that at Rehabilit we use the PURAIR system of mechanical ventilation by impulse to improve the air quality of the home and greatly reduce the risk of the appearance of mold.

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