Moisture due to capillarity


The solution to capillary moisture

In Rehabilit we have the MURSEC ECO multi-frequency wireless electro-osmosis system with SmartPolar with which we reverse the polarity of the wall and manage to stop the rise of humidity.

The installation of the MURSEC ECO system is done quickly and cleanly, without any work required. And maintenance is not required.

We also have the HUMICREAM injection system that allows us to treat moisture by capillary action by making holes in the base of the wall and injecting a special resin with great penetration capacity.

Once the MURSEC ECO or HUMICREAM system has been installed, we recommend applying the breathable mortar DRAINING, which significantly speeds up the drying process and allows the wall be painted in just 2 weeks after application.

With Humicontrol technologies we dry both ground floors and basements.

With more than 40 years of experience, treatments against capillary moisture with MURSEC ECO are guaranteed by Compañía de Seguros and we have enjoyed exactly the same policy since 1982!


The technological wireless solution to humidity due to capillarity WITHOUT WORK.


The most advanced injection technology against capillary moisture.


Microporous, breathable mortar with room containment capacity.

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