About us

Specialists in advanced rehabilitation techniques

About us

At Rehabilit we are specialists in the most advanced building rehabilitation techniques

Rehabilit is a construction company founded in 1898, which since 1985 has been dedicated solely to rehabilitation, using the most advanced techniques.

Our main specialty is the treatment of humidity that affects both historic buildings and private homes.

We are the Humicontrol delegation in Catalonia. Thanks to this close collaboration we have acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience to provide solutions to humidity caused by capillarity, condensation and filtration.

The techniques that some time ago could only be applied in historical monuments due to their high price, we can apply them in private homes and commercial premises at totally competitive prices. We have managed to adapt the technique so that all buildings can benefit from its advantages.

At Rehabilit we have a human team with plenty of experience and enthusiasm. We are at the service of architects, technical architects, administrators and owners, to achieve the most appropriate solutions for each type of pathology and for each client. You can request a diagnosis and budget without obligation.

  • Treatment of humidity by capillarity, condensation and filtration.
  • Treatment of structural wood against termites and woodworms
  • Restoration of facades and monuments
  • Thermal insulation blown into existing chambers
  • Guild of Construction Builders of Barcelona (for more than 75 years)
  • Rehabilitation Commission of Catalonia (RIME)
  • Business qualification K7-E, which is the highest qualification for Intervention in Historical Heritage.

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