Dehumidifying, breathable and with room containment capacity

DRAINING breathable mortar

The DRAINING mortar can be applied immediately without having to wait for the wall to dry, and can be painted after 15 days. DRAINING fulfills a double function of transpiration and containment of sales which accelerates the drying process of the wall.

The anti-humidity mortar is the ideal complement to the anti-humidity technologies MURSEC ECO and HUMICREAM. It is a sanitation mortar composed of a network of micropores that absorb and extract residual moisture from the wall, causing it to evaporate.

The DRAINING mortar is applied to replace the existing plaster which is already degraded by the rooms, and manages to remove moisture from the wall and the walls.

DRAINING microporous mortar has properties that make it exceptional, and allow it to be applied on brick, stone, wall or concrete.

The breathability properties of the DRAINING microporous mortar are exceptional as certified by APPLUS.

Two weeks after applying the DRAINING mortar, the wall is ready to be painted with breathable paint.

At Rehabilit we can take care of and take full responsibility for the entire drying process, using the MURSEC ECO or HUMICREAM systems and applying the DRAINING mortar. In this way we provide a comprehensive solution, with full guarantees and without excuses.

With DRAINING the solution is complete

DRAINING mortar is supplied in 25kg bags. It is available in a cement base (DRAINING WHITE) or in a lime base (DRAINING CAL).

DRAINING BLANCO is the best seller because of its rapid setting. It is ideal to be able to paint after 15 days.

DRAINING CAL is formulated from NHL3.5 lime and selected aggregates. We use it mostly for interventions in historical buildings. It can be applied by machine, allowing a remarkable saving in the execution times of large jobs.

If we want a very fine finish, similar to plaster, we apply the DRAINING EXTRA FINE (15Kg bag).

And finally we have the DRAINING POWDER (200gr bag). It is ideal to minimize transport costs and reduce costs. It is a 200gr concentrate that is mixed with cement and sand to obtain a mortar with the same properties of breathability and salt retention.

Many masons hire our services with MURSEC ECO or HUMICREAM and then apply the DRAINING mortar themselves following our indications obtained after a professional diagnosis.


1. Paint at 15 days

The mortar can be painted after 15 days of its application with breathable paints.

2. Super-breathable

The micropore network allows the wall to be dehumidified thanks to its great permeability.

3. Anti sales

We avoid the appearance of efflorescence, flaking and saltpeter. The mortar has a great capacity to contain salts inside.

4. Extra-fine finish

With the final 2mm of DRAINING EXTRAFINO we achieve a finish similar to plaster.

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