Humidity by filtration

Problem and affectations

Do you have water leaks in your basement?

Dampness due to water seepage in basements is very common in car parks with poorly waterproofed concrete walls.

In many basements we find groundwater inlets caused by poorly executed concrete joints, shrinkage cracks or differential settlements.

The consequence is structural degradation, as well as oxidation of the iron, disintegration of the plaster, the entry of water through filtrations and, of course, the creation of an unhealthy environment. .


At Rehabilit, as a company specialized in problems related to phreatic waterproofing, we cover all kinds of water leaks that cause damp in walls and basements. We do everything from small interventions in a elevator shaft to the complete sealing of water leaks in car parks.

The techniques we use have been designed precisely to solve water infiltration problems, such as: basements of old buildings, car parks, retaining walls, elevator shafts, concrete joints, tunnels, water tanks, pathologies of concrete, etc.

Rehabilit has the best professionals for the diagnosis and application of techniques against water leaks with the maximum guarantees.

With more than 40 years of experience, we have faced multiple and varied cases of water leaks, from small inlets of water in basements of private homes to serious and complex pathologies in tunnels.

Individuals, property managers, communities of owners, architects and construction companies rely on Rehabilit’s solutions for filtering humidity in the Barcelona area and throughout Catalonia.

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