The definitive solution to eliminate humidity

Wireless MURSEC ECO system

The MURSEC ECO device is the solution against capillary humidity. MURSEC ECO multifrequency reverses the polarity of the affected walls and prevents moisture from rising through the wall. The SmartPolarĀ® technology allows the signal to be adapted to each of the construction materials in order to optimize the drying of moisture by capillarity.

MURSEC ECO multifrequency with SmartPolarĀ® technology, is an electronic device that works over a defined radius of action, making it possible to eliminate moisture by capillarity. It allows the drying of walls, walls and floors. And all of this is accomplished without drilling, without electrodes, and without wires.

The device emits very low frequency signals that are transmitted very efficiently by all building materials and allows inverting the polarity of the wall. In this way, the prevents the rise of humidity through the internal pores and capillaries of the wall.

MURSEC ECO of wireless electro-osmosis represents a second technological evolution, after the well-known MURSEC anti-humidity technique of active electro-osmosis, and the TRABER technique of electro-osmosis phoresis.

MURSEC ECO technology has been proven through thousands of performances throughout Europe. And now it is available at even more competitive prices.

The treatments carried out by our delegations enjoy a drying guarantee by an insurance company that we have been offering for more than 40 years. We have the same policy since 1982!

There is no risk of any kind for people, animals or plants, and it does not require maintenance. At Rehabilit we have the certificate that certifies maximum environmental safety.

The 5 advantages of MURSEC ECO

1. No need to carry out works

The MURSEC ECO device allows a quick and clean installation. Since it does not require drilling in the walls, we do not weaken the structure.

2. On ground floors, basements and pavements

It is equally effective for treating damp in basements, ground floors and pavements.

3. The thickness or composition of the walls does not matter

Thanks to the SmartPolarĀ® system we can dry any type of construction material, no matter how heterogeneous or thick the wall may be.

4. Warranty and experience

We offer a drying guarantee through an insurance company (the only one in all of Spain) as well as a 30-year guarantee on the device.

5. Economic

The speed of installation of MURSEC ECO allows us to achieve significant labor savings, which entails very competitive prices.

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