PURAIR technology

The solution through controlled mechanical ventilation

Healthy air with PURAIR

With the PURAIR drive ventilation system we improve the quality of indoor air.

The PURAIR device allows the permanent renewal of the air in the home.

Using the PURAIR anti-humidity device we introduce clean outdoor air into the home at the right temperature, and slowly and gradually renew the indoor air without causing discomfort, favoring heating savings and thus achieving true comfort . In this way we avoid condensation and humidity in the house.

Through PURAIR we achieve:

  • Improve the air quality in the home.
  • Minimize the risk of mold growth.
  • Windows should not condensate.
  • Extract unhealthy air from the home.

How does it work?

  • PURAIR absorbs outside air and filters it to extract impurities.
  • Heats previously drawn air to the selected temperature.
  • Together with the PURAIR device, we install a set of elements on the walls or in the carpentry, to achieve the evacuation of humid, polluted and stale air to the outside.
  • PURAIR, silently and constantly, propels healthy air into the interior of the home.

The PURAIR anti-humidity system:

  • Allows the regulation of the flow depending on the characteristics of the home or premises.
  • Allows the selection of the inlet temperature, offering the options of 15ºC, 18ºC or 21ºC.
  • Allows outdoor air to be heated, from outdoor temperatures as low as -15 ºC. (only devices with electronic temperature regulation are prepared to guarantee an appropriate air inlet temperature).
  • Stops heating the supplied outside air when it exceeds the selected temperature of between 15ºC and 21ºC.
  • Stops the air supply if it reaches 30ºC.
  • All regulated by electronic probes with maximum reliability.

Normally, a PURAIR anti-humidity device is usually enough to solve condensation damp problems in flats and homes. Contact your nearest Humicontrol delegation so that one of our technicians can make a free diagnosis and advise you on your particular case.


MORE HEALTH : With our PURAIR anti-humidity system we managed to improve the quality of indoor air and achieved a huge reduction in the risk of respiratory diseases. This advantage is especially important in the case of children and the elderly.

MORE DESIGN: In addition to excellent functionality, PURAIR offers an attractive design. Its dimensions are 40 x 35.5 x 17.5.

MORE SILENCE: The new PURAIR anti-humidity device is truly silent. In this sense, it complies with the most demanding standards.

MORE COMFORT: By inletting preheated outside air, thermal shock is avoided and, consequently, condensation. PURAIR creates a healthy environment and prevents the appearance of mold, as well as bad odors and fogging on windows. In this way, it eliminates humidity in floors and homes.

MORE SAVINGS: Continuous air renewal and correctly regulated flow not only does not make it more expensive, but also saves on heating. Much more comfort with less expense.

MAXIMUM GUARANTEE : The device is fully guaranteed, both in displacements and in parts and labor.

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