The most advanced injection technology

Injections with HUMICREAM

HUMICREAM is injected into the base of the wall and creates a waterproof barrier that prevents moisture from rising. The gel contains a high concentration of active matter, this allows a great efficiency thanks to its great diffusion capacity.

The HUMICREAM gel is the most evolved product in the field of injections against damp by capillarity, and its effectiveness is superior to that of liquids that are injected under pressure.

In traditional pressure injection we find concentrations of active material of only 5%, all the rest is water or solvent that soaks the wall and slows down its drying process. The HUMICREAM gel has more than 60% active matter. The technical characteristics of HUMICREAM provide us with exceptional diffusion properties of the product within the construction materials.

The gelatinous consistency of HUMICREAM avoids the adverse effects of traditional injection with liquids that often find escape routes and create problems in neighboring houses. The gel allows us to control the dosage of the material that we inject into each perforation and guarantees a maximum level of quality.


1. Maximum efficiency

Its high concentration of active matter , greater than 60%, allows a great power of diffusion.

2. Quick drying

Its gel format prevents the injection of large amounts of liquid and solvents into the wall, this allows a higher drying speed.

3. Clean

Traditional pressurized liquid injection often creates leak problems in the neighboring house through the party wall. With HUMICREAM, work is clean and odorless.

4. Quality and guarantee

HUMICREAM incorporates the latest material technology to offer the maximum guarantee.

You can paint in 15 days

The special DRAINING microporous mortar is the ideal complement, it can be applied immediately after injections with HUMICREAM, without having to wait for the The wall is dry and can be painted with breathable paint 15 days after finishing the plaster.

At Humicontrol we are experts in treating damp.
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